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3DS Games + Copy Nintendo 3DS Game Backup

Looking to expand your Nintendo 3DS Game library?
The best way to do that is using one of the 3DS Flash Cards. A 'blank' 3DS backup cartridge for storing and playing games. With it you can:

  • Play all NDS games on Nintendo 3DS from one micro SD card
  • Backup Save Games to PC
  • Add Cheat Codes and Hacks
  • Play Free 3DS Virtual Console games
    - GAMEBOY & GB Color
    - NES 8-bit Nintendo Classic games
    - SEGA, ATARI, MAME, ColecoVision, Commodore64, NeoGeo, SEGA Genesis and others
  • Play MP3 music, Movies and read e-Books

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Latest projects

ScummVM - Play PC Games on Nintendo 3DS.

If you are an avid fan of the best Sierra classic point and click games, you can surely appreciate ScummVM 3DS. This project attempts to re-engineer many of the classic games such as Beneath a Steel Sky and Monkey Island and enable these to run on computer hardware of today. But unlike other emulators, you will not be required to secure the classic game itself for you to be able to use the sounds and graphics because with the ScummVM, you can still play and use them through some codes that will allow it to be ported from on OS or hardware to the other.

Nintendo R4 3DS Homebrew

New Generation of High capacity SD cards.

When the speed and size of the SDHC and microSDHC cards is no longer enough for you - take a look at the next step in the Secure Digital flash memory card eveolution. The eXtended Capacity or simpley SDXC cards are faster and can hold up to 2TB of files.
SDXC Card for Nintendo 3DS and WiiU (new HD version).